Site Survey for Security Camera Installation checking list:

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Site Survey for Security Camera Installation checking list:

Purpose of surveillance system

  • What is the customer need

Physical location

  • Existing security system
  • Identify the location that the customer wants to protect
  • Current infrastructure
    • Lighting, cabling and camera location.

Common Area to monitor

  • Entrance, Exit, Door
  • Reception Areas
  • Cashier areas
  • Counter, bar counter
  • Dinning room, sales floor
  • Waiting areas
  • Vehicle Entrance
  • Vehicle parking
  • Hallways
  • Windows
  • Outside equipment, air condition, shelter, Dumpster areas
  • Kitchen
  • Refridge storage
  • Public space
  • Storage room
  • Specific area: farm, education and medical clinic.

Camera Selection based on customer need:

  • Motion Carma
  • Acusense Camera (Human and vehicle identify)
  • ColorVu Camera (Night view with colour)
  • Microphone and speaker build in
  • Bullet
  • Dome
  • PTZ
  • Specific Feature

Wiring cabling infrastructure (where the camera is located)

  • NVR DVR Location
  • Wiring topology draft

Networking Camera wiring diagaram








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