Universal Washroom Installation - Barrier Free Restroom Control

barrier-free restroom control

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Universal washroom design and installation:

This includes planning and setting up universal washrooms for public buildings such as office buildings, hospitals, and schools. This can include selecting the right type of fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, grab bars, and automatic door openers, and determining the optimal placement of the fixtures to ensure easy access for individuals with disabilities.

Universal washroom troubleshooting and maintenance:

This includes identifying and resolving issues with universal washroom fixtures, such as poor operation, broken parts, and connectivity problems. It can also include ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure that the fixtures continue to function properly.

Universal washroom accessibility consulting:

This includes providing advice and recommendations to businesses and organizations on how to optimize their universal washrooms for accessibility, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Universal washroom training and education:

This includes educating users on how to use and maintain universal washrooms, as well as providing training on universal washroom technologies and best practices.

Our Goal

HELP businesses and organizations of all sizes to set up and maintain accessible, safe, and high-performing universal washrooms, to support the safety and accessibility of their operations for individuals with disabilities.

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