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HD 8MB IP Cameras NVR System & Installation Price List 

Manufactory Camera Type # of Camera Storage # of days Recording Price Promotion
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 3 2 TB 14 $1299 $1199
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 4 2 TB 14 $1499 $1399
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 5 2 TB 13 $1799 $1699
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 6 2 TB 12 $2199 $2099
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 7 2 TB 11 $2499 $2399
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 8 2 TB 10 $2899 $2799
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 9 8 TB 14 $3299 $3199
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 10 8 TB 13 $3599 $3499
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 11 8 TB 12 $3899 $3799
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 12 8 TB 11 $4199 $4099
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 13 8 TB 10 $4499 $4399
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 14 8TB 9 $4799 $4699
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 15 8 TB 8 $5099 $4999
Hikvison HD 8MB IP 16 8 TB 7 $5399 $5299

Manufactory Upgrade Camera Option for Each Camera Price Promotion
8MB AcuSense (Human & Veichle)
$65 $45
8MB AcuSense, stobe light and audible and two way audio 
150 $120
8MB color vue
$65 $35
8MB AcuSense  color vue
$165 $145
8MB AcuSense  color vue stobe light and audible and two way audio
$225 $195

 Security camera design and installation:

This includes planning and setting up security camera systems for homes, businesses, and other organizations. This can include selecting the right type of cameras, such as IP cameras, HD cameras, or PTZ cameras, and determining the optimal placement of cameras to cover key areas of a property.

Security camera troubleshooting and maintenance:

This includes identifying and resolving issues with security cameras and related equipment, such as poor image quality, low resolution, and connectivity problems. It can also include ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure that the camera system continues to function properly.

Security camera integration:

This includes integrating security cameras with other security systems such as alarm systems, access control systems, and other systems to provide a comprehensive security solution for the client.

Remote access and remote monitoring:

This includes configuring cameras to be accessible remotely through mobile devices or web browsers, to allow the client to monitor their property remotely and to review footage remotely.

Security camera consulting:

This includes providing advice and recommendations to businesses and organizations on how to optimize their security camera systems for performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.

Security camera training and education:

This includes educating users on how to use and maintain security camera systems, as well as providing training on security camera technologies and best practices.

Our Goal:

We can help businesses and organizations of all sizes to set up and maintain reliable, secure, and high-performing security camera systems, to support the safety and security of their operations.

Why Choose DF Security Cameras installation Team

At DF Security Cameras installation Team, we pride ourselves on providing professional and reliable service. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

  • Price: We offer the best security cameras installation prices in the Niagara region while still maintaining professional installation standards.

  • Experience: With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in security video surveillance systems design, installation, and service in the Niagara region.

  • Quality: We use only the best brand name cameras and systems available on the market, such as Hikvision, coupled with high-quality cables and accessories to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

  • Warranty: Our professional installation comes with a 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and added protection for your investment.

  • Support: With two locations in the Niagara region, we're able to support you quickly and professionally, should you ever need it.

Choose DF Security Cameras installation Team for all your security camera needs and experience the difference for yourself.

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