Hikvision DS-K2604 Access Control - How to add a person

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In the Control Panel of the iVMS-4200 software go to PERSON.


In PERSON click ADD. The ID will be filled in automatically. Enter the user's name and select the gender. the other bits of information are not mandatory. Next, click the + to add a card number. A small window will appear. The card number can be entered manually, or can be enrolled by scanning the card at an enrollment station or the access control system's card reader (for this click settings and navigate to selecting the method). 

Read Card Number: Click Setting-->select Card Reader-->select School-->click Read --> scan the Fob


Click ADD after the card number has been entered, and in the card area of the new user the card will apear with it's number written on it. Each user can have up to 5 cards. after adding the cards press ADD at the bottom to enroll the user.


After the user are enrolled, it is time to create the access schedule. In the Control Panel of the iVMS-4200 software go to ACCESS CONTROL:

Here, under AUTHORIZATION click on ACCESS GROUP, then click ADD

In the newly emerged window enter a name for this Access Group, then select the template (all day access, all day deny, or a custom created one). select the persons that will be in the Access Group, then select the Access control device and the doors that will be assigned to these persons. Click SAVE.

After creating the Access Group, put a checkmark next to it, then click APPLY CHANGES TO DEVICE. A new window will appear showing the progress. After the changes have been applied, close the progress window.

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