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Process Steps:


Asking the customer for details about the device and the data loss, such as when and how it occurred. They may also ask about any previous attempts to recover the data. Based on this information, provide an estimated cost and time frame for the recovery.


Connect the device to a computer with data extraction tools. They use software to extract data from the storage media. In some cases, the technician may have to remove the device's memory chip and access it directly. They may also repair hardware damage if needed.


The technician will attempt to recover the lost data using various methods, such as repairing damaged files, reconstructing deleted data, and extracting data from damaged hardware. This may involve using specialized software and tools.


The recovered data will be delivered to the customer, either through secure online transfer or on a physical storage device, such as a USB drive or external hard drive. At this point, the customer will be asked to make the final payment for the recovery services.


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