ZTE K81 Grand X View 2 Repair Service - DF Computer Centre - (ZTE service Centre)

ZTE K81 Grand X View 2 Repair Service

  • $85.00

ZTE Authorized Service Centre in Canada. Battery Replacement, Screen Replacement, Power Button or Side Button, Charging Port Issue, and diagnostic Test for other iIssues.

Your personal information:

  • All personal data and user-installed applications will be erased from your device during the repair process.
  • Before sending your device for repair, if you would like to retain any personal data you have loaded on the device it is recommended to back up your information including contacts, pictures, downloaded graphics, games, and anything else you may have added to the device..

Repair Service Processing:

  • A prepaid waybill will be emailed to you.
  • For Repairing: The device will be repaired within 2 business days and shipped back to you.
  • For Diagnostic Test, within 2 business days, the result and solutions will be emailed to you
  • If there are any questions, please kindly contact us.

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