Trade In or Cash For Your Phone, Computers and Game Console

Owner:        Personal or Company

Product:      Mobile Phone, Computers, Laptops, Game Consoles...

Condition:  used, Broken, no power, water damaged, etc


Get cash In 3 easy steps :

Simple:     Find your phone information

Easy:        Email your phone information & Condition

Fast:        We will let you know the price


Q: Why Us: 

We have more than 8 years experience on this business.

You just need to bring your device, we can take care the other things;

l  Erase all of your personal information on your device, and it is free

l  Free test for your device

l  Give you the money in cash directly



Q: Why do you need the model number?


A: The model number is required to determine your phones value. It can be found inside the phone under the battery or you can call your service provider and they will tell you what model number phone you have.


Q: Where can I find the model number?


A: The model number can be found on the inside of the phone under the battery. Each maker has their own version  of a model number, Some may be just numbers and others both numbers and letters.  


Q: I don't have any accessories. Can I still sell you my phone?


A: Yes, we do not require any accessories except for the correct, working charging device.

Q: Do you buy broken or defected phones?


A: YES. please let us know that your phone is "GOOD" or "BROKEN".


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